Set up as a two-way channel for Malaysian companies and investors to tap into international resources and vice-versa, KMP (Kumpulan Modal Perdana) is a venture capitalist with a difference. Sure we make venture investments but, we go beyond mere financing. For us at KMP, technology, innovation and business are our food, water and the air we breathe.

We are mandated to focus on technology development in support of the Government’s Malaysia Plan. That’s why we invest more than capital – we invest our time, expertise, and network in our portfolio companies. Venture capital for us is not just about investing in the “right” companies. It is about strong partnerships with dedicated entrepreneurs, who are devoted to making their ideas become reality – just like we are.

Every one of us at KMP is willing to walk the extra mile in a bid to make each project we get
involved in a success.

How We Do It?

Drive performance through
operational guidance and
industrial networks opportunities

Support entrepreneurs in delivering outstanding results and yield high potential returns
Optimize risk allocation across portfolio through attentive due diligence